Chapter one: ‘Coding, Chatting, And Classes, Oh My!’

The apartment glowed the faint blue reflected off of the always active computer screen, lighting the silhouette of the person sitting at the desk. The sound of their fingers dancing along the key board, harmonizing with the echo of a clicking mouse could be heard between the pause of video game sound effects. A mountain of discarded energy drink cans and junk food wrappers littered the desk, a sure sign of just how long the person had been sitting in this position doing this exact same thing. As the battle within his virtual reality raged on, it spilled into his bedroom, the likeness of guns being fired heat of the action. Cries of pain from enemies and allies alike as they were struck down with the occasional in game announcer’s voice stating the important objective information ‘blue team is in the lead’ ‘the flag has been taken’ ‘red base is under attack’ and so on. 

Meet Sollux Captor your everyday college student with your everyday problems with your not so everyday IQ level. Brilliant, that was a simple way to describe him, though that was only the tip of the iceberg, but unlike many extraordinarily bright people Sollux has one very large personality flaw. He despises himself, so much so that he denies his talents and wastes his abilities and life on his computer games, just like this particular evening. But, even for all of his flaws Sollux held the title of being a loyal friend, even if he didn’t wish to admit to it or if the trait wasn’t very obvious. On nights like these Sollux could easily be spending his time doing something productive, like creating virus to send to all his closest enemies or upgrading his computer to function beyond normal standards. Rather than doing either of those, here he was typing away at his key board talking to someone he had grown quite fond of in the last year or so. The person who had captured a good deal of his attention?

Her real name was unknown to him, neither of them had given out much of their but Sollux knew her as tipsyGnostalgic, or TG for short. 

Normally Sollux found it impossible to stand the conversational presence of random people from his video game platforms, their incompetence and arrogance made them undesirable to talk to. But somehow, this pain in the ass female who could barely type her own screen name without mispelling it and who had the habit of flirting with anyone she thought to have the potential as a mate had managed to gain a place on his list of friends. Well to be honest there was more to her than just that much, much, more than that. TG was brilliant, possibly even more so than he was, while completely drunk TG was capable of coding elaborate programs and out smarting even him. Somewhere among the flirting chatlogs, the drunkenly slurred conversations and the long nights of gaming Sollux had found himself invested in this relationship. 

Even if he didn’t believe that he deserved it. 

The sounds of gunfire gave away to an eerie silence followed by the echo of the in game announcer’s voice ‘Blue team wins’.  

"Another victory for us" a smug boasting chuckle passed from Sollux as he looked to the pesterlog with TG that had remained silent for most of the previous game. The beep of the chat notification rang out as the chat was brought back to life, and just like that Sollux and TG were caught up in a time eating conversation.

twinArmageddons [TA] Began Pestering tipsyGnostalgic [TG]

tipsyGnostalgic [TG] ceased Pestering twinArmageddons [TA]

twinArmageddons [TA] Began Pestering tipsyGnostalgic [TG]

twinArmageddons [TA] Ceased Pestering tipsyGnostalgic [TG]

That chat ended earlier that morning and now it was ‘tonight’ the time planned for their game session. That familiar glow was cast over the apartment once again, the mountain of discarded cans and wrappers only grew more massive as Sollux sat at his desk. This time there was nothing but silence, no gun fire, no announcer’s voice, and no chat notification beeping it was just an uneasy silence. This was not the night that they had planned. Sollux was sitting there with his head propped up on one hand, those heterochromic eyes stared at the screen with a annoyed look burned into them. 

He caught himself looking past the computer screen and the contents that were displayed on it, right past the information and at his distorted reflection. Oddly colored eyes looked back at him as he studied his features only to grow more annoyed with himself. Mutated eyed, dumb head of black hair, and stupid 3D colored shades? It was enough to make himself disgusted, he couldn’t even begin to understand how sick it must make the other people around him. 

Sitting back in his chair with a heavy sigh he allowed his hands to fall to the desk. His fingers thumped against the surface of the desk as he debated what to do now. After a few moments he started to type into the empty chat, flooding it with a one sided rant for TG to return to whenever she stumbled back to her computer.

That’s how she always returned, drunk and barely functioning. 

twinArmageddons [TA] Began Pestering tipsyGnostalgic [TG]

twinArmageddons [TA] Ceased Pestering tipsyGnostalgic [TG]

The typing ended with Sollux sighing once more this time his head fell to the desk with a thud. Why did he bother? What did he expect? To go through life to come back to this girl everyday? Someone he had never personally met and someone who owed him no real friendship obligation? Did he honestly expect her to kick her bad habit because of him? Why the hell would she do something stupid like that? He couldn’t get over his insecurities about his lisp to physically talk to her,  he was just that nerd that girls like he ignored. No, why would he matter to someone like TG? 

The answer was he wouldn’t. Because he didn’t matter enough. 

There was a beep, then another beep and then another except now it was Sollux who was ignoring the notifications thinking that it was TG trying to get up with him again. 

cuttlefishCuller [CC] Began Pestering twinArmageddons [TA] 

cuttlefishCuller [CC] Ceased Pestering twinArmageddons [TA] 

Sollux didn’t move from that spot, sitting with his head planted against the desk just thinking. This disgust with himself was one of the reasons that to his online friends, to tipsyGnostalgic, he was nothing more than twinArmageddons. No name, photo sharing, or voice chatting. Perhaps without all of that then Sollux would be able to have friends without all of his insecurities taking over. But, then something like this happens and makes him wish that he was more than just a screen name. He remained like that for a few seconds, then a few minutes, then a few hours. The annoyed grumbles of self loathing soon turned into murmurs which were replaced by the slowed breathing of sleep. 

It was probably the most sleep he had gotten in weeks, even if this sleep was only granted because his night consuming activities had been canceled. 

"Hey dumbass! What the wet bag of horse shit do you think you are doing? why the fuck are you sleeping? You stood us up dude!" the angry shouting of a familiar voice with its unique brand of raging vocabulary cut through Sollux’s sleep. Before he could react to the yelling, the once sleeping gamer toppled to the floor as the chair was tipped over from one firm kick. 

A grunt of sleepy annoyance sounded as Sollux laid on the floor trying to figure out what was going on an how he found himself on the ground. "What the hell are you talking about?" propping himself up on one elbow, his other arm bracing his face like a visor against the blinding glow of the overhead light as he looked at the two figures standing in his room. "Hey TZ you should keep your yapping dog on a leash"

"Karkat why are all of our friends so lame." Terezi ignored Sollux’s dog comment and turned her attention to Karkat as she leaned on her cane waiting for them to get this show on the roll. Seeing as how she couldn’t see, she didn’t know right off that they were standing in a filthy dorm room that hadn’t seen a clean day in months. Months, or better known as the point in time when Karkat moved out of the dorm room to go live with Terezi, leaving Sollux to his own devices. 

"Those sorts of questions will just haunt you" Sollux grumbled as he pulled himself into a sitting position as he looked between his two friends. “I stood you up? What the hell are you talking about?” clearly there was something he was missing here? They only hung out once a week, on Tuesday afternoons, then it clicked. "Shit. It’s Tuesday."

Karkat groaned at the sudden realization on Sollux’s part, grey eyes closed as one hand rubbed against the bridge of his nose. With a heavy exhalation he started to spew more of his unique brand of concern "Sollux, you moron we were sitting at the park waiting for your lazy ass for two fucking hours looking like a pair of idiots only to find out it was a worthless fucking bullshit waste of time. Why? Because you are getting some magical fucking Z’s on rainbow assgrab lane" extending his hand down towards his sitting companion to help him to the feet. 

How could Sollux not be delighted to have such a sunny ball of sunshine come and wake him up with his colorful vocabulary? Sometimes it amazed him how pathetic his choice of friends were, but that was a complaint for another time. In fact Sollux was, despite his annoyance at being awoken, glad to see his former roommate. But what fun would it be if they greeted each other like your normal friends? "I’m shocked that they didn’t arrest TZ for letting her rabid cursing dog run free to hump the legs of innocent, sleeping, geniuses at work"

"Enough with the dog jokes you brainless, nonsense spewing, shithole! Get your ugly pasty ass dressed, we are going out to eat and you will like it."

"Oh yes mommy KK I’ll get dressed. Daddy TZ care to come teach your little boy how to put his big boy pants on?"

Terezi let out a heavy groan as her childhood friends did their stupid little verbal dance, "I’m way too cool for this, but if our son does not get dressed daddy will get his belt and deal some personality justification" at least now Sollux was going to get dressed so they could go get something to eat. It was always easier to handle their lovehate bromance on a full stomach.

((Author’s note: I apologize for the poor quality of this chapter, It has been some time since I did a lengthy fanfic and I’m still warming myself up. I hope you enjoy it anyway, the next chapter is going to be from Roxy’s POV))

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